The chief risk manager Los Angeles Unified School District claims that he was fired after blowing the whistle on "corruption and cronyism" in the district's public law office. Being represented by Arnold P. Peter at Peter Law Group, he is now seeking $10 million in damages in Superior Court. READ MORE

The Hollywood Reporter
“'First Dog' Producer Sues Distributors for Allegedly Running Away with Profits”

Arnold Peter Elected to the Board of Directors of The South Asian Studies Association (SASA) 

It’s always been Ellen and her lawyers’ belief that they will be able to prove the storyline was orchestrated. Ellen is represented by Arnold Peter and Marcus Lee of the Peter Law GroupREAD MORE​

Bryan Michael Stoller claims that Screen Media Ventures and others improperly sold his movie for less than it was worth and what he had been promised. Mr.Stoller is represented by Arnold Peter, Maurice Pessah and Marcus Lee of the Peter Law Group​​READ MORE​

"Experts: Ansel Adams photos found at garage sale worth $200 million"

Courthouse News Service
"Whistleblower Blames LAUSD for $60 Million Miramonte Sex 'Fiasco'" 



"Antalya: Festival Stays Strong in Face of Turkey’s Political Turmoil" 

In announcing Mr. Peter’s election, SASA Chairman of the Board & CEO, Ken Silverman stated, “In recognition of Arnold’s vast experience and record of service to the South Asian legal, business, and cultural communities, we are honored to welcome him to SASA’s Board.  I have known and worked with Arnold for well over a decade, on multiple initiatives, and I am delighted that he has graciously agreed to share his time and talents on behalf of SASA.”  READ MORE

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"Kardashian Widow’s Defamation Lawsuit Against Reality TV Clan, Ryan Seacrest Prods & Bunim-Murray Survives" 

Daily Mail

"Ellen Pearson-Kardashian seeks to stop family from derailing her libel trial by claiming they maliciously slandered her" 

“This case is about gender inequality in the workplace and the tragic price one woman had to pay in order to secure her position on the playing field,” said Arnold P. Peter, attorney for the plaintiff. “The callous indifference exhibited by the CDCR and the State of California placed Sarah in the impossible position of choosing between her career and her family. No man would ever be asked to make this terrible choice.”  READ MORE​

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"LAUSD Responds to Cronyism Allegations in Miramonte Abuse Lawsuits" 

Over the years, the Antalya Film Festival, now in its 53rd edition, has successfully ridden any waves generated by Turkey’s political turbulence. International execs expected to make the trek to Antalya’s new Film Talent Marketing Rounds include entertainment lawyer/dealmaker Arnold P. Peter, head of Peter Law Group; Seattle Film Festival programming director Justine Barda and La Rochelle Film Festival’s Arnaud Dumatin. READ MORE​

Female Corrections Officer Files Discrimination Lawsuit Against California Department of Corrections; Loses Baby after Stopping Fight in Maximum Security Prison 

Two weeks after a former Los Angeles Unified School District employee blew the whistle on his former employer in how it handled civil lawsuits involving the Miramonte Elementary School sex abuse scandal, the district's general counsel gave an exclusive interview with NBC4.
​Former employee's attorney, Arnold Peter of the Peter Law Group, says his client would drop his claim if the district would come clean and give him his job back. READ MORE

The Fresno, California, commercial painter learned this week that what was in those boxes he paid $45 dollars for a decade ago could be worth more than $200 million.
Arnold Peter is the lawyer who led the effort to authenticate, that the negatives were made by the man known as the father of American photography. Mr.Peter put together a team of experts, including a former FBI agent. Together they came to the conclusion that those images were, in fact, the long-lost images of Ansel Adams.​ READ MORE

Arnold Peter told me today: “Contrary to the hope of the Kardashians’ legal team, the ruling has trimmed the excess of this lawsuit and focused the parties on the core issues.  This case has been and continues to be about ensuring that the Kardashians follow the law just like everyone else.  They cannot hide behind their television show as justification for making defamatory statements about those around them for purposes of ‘entertainment'”. READ MORE

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